Covenant for Life International Fellowship

We are so excited about your participation in the Covenant for Life International Fellowship (CFLIF). We cannot begin to express how elated we are that you have chosen to be a part of this dynamic, cutting-edge fellowship. Your decision to allow God to speak to your heart and then obey definitely speaks volume to your level of maturity and desire to be directed by our leadership. While the Word of God does not change, the cultures and societal differences of various countries change how the Word of God is effectively ministered. We believe it is very important to have an office within a country to minister to the people in that country. And while it is always an awesome responsibility to lead, guide and direct others, I am certainly humbled by the opportunity.

Because we want to make certain that we are meeting your needs- as well as addressing pertinent issues that relate and concerns you and your local congregation; we ask that you would take a few minutes to review the our site.

United States Office
Covenant for Life Christian Center
P.O. Box 1406
Saint Louis, MO 63136
Tel: (314) 630-1261


If you need prayer, want to order products, register for an event or give a donation, we are here for you at the times you need us most.