She is a lady of Grace, who walks alongside of her husband, Pastor Anthony L. Trice. The dynamic duos are the founders of Covenant for Life Christian Center. Pastor Ramona Trice, established her relationship with the Lord in a street revival conducted by Evangelist Haynes of Lovejoy, IL.

Over the years God has anointed and given Pastor Trice a great assignment to teach and preach the Word of God while bringing healing to broken lives. She is an inspiration and Mentor to women of all ages in the Body of Christ and is known to be ready to give an encouraging word in “Due Season”.

Lady Trice serves as the director of Covenant for Life Christian Center Women’s Department. She finds her greatest joy in seeing the women of God walking out their God-given purpose and utilizing their spiritual gifts. Ramona seeks to bring healing and restoration to those who are wounded.

In addition to her wifely duties, while serving as an example and role model to many women; she is also passionate about her music ministry where she oversees CFLCC Mass Choir. Pastor Ramona Trice and Pastor Anthony L. Trice have a divine vision to build, “A Family Church Meeting Family Needs”. As a seasoned teacher of the Word of God; their goal together is to bring people together from all walks of life into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, so they may experience a covenant relationship with God.

Pastor Ramona Trice has been happily married for over 14 years to an awesome Man of God, Pastor Anthony L. Trice. They are the proud parents of four children; Rodrick, Raquel, Adrianna and James.