Pastor Anthony L. Trice is a man dedicated to providing biblically-sound teaching along with strong training in leadership building and development. He is an anointed vessel appointed by God to bring life transforming truth of God's word to his people.

At the time of his conversion in 1990, he was bound by a lifestyle of gangs and violence, but when God began to speak to him and show him the call on his life he surrendered his heart and will to the Lord and accepted the evangelical call God placed on his life in 1995. While he remained faithful to the charge and call as an Evangelist, God later called him to pastor. Pastor and Lady Trice being led by the Holy Spirit to build up the Body of Christ, established Covenant for Life Christian Center in 2003.

Exemplary in his ministerial dedication and integrity Pastor Trice understands God has called him to be a pastor "for the equipping of the saints for the work of service" (Ephesians 4:12). Along with his lovely wife Lady Ramona, Pastor Trice serves as the Senior Pastor of Covenant for Life Christian Center and the Overseer of Anthony Trice Ministerial Network in St. Louis, Missouri. Pastor Trice and Lady Trice have been married for 18 years.

Pastor Trice is known for his straight-forward no nonsense approach as he challenges and charges others to come into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and be an effective believer and witness for Christ. He is called to bring forth an uncompromising message to the Body of Christ that will penetrate your mind, spirit and soul towards holiness and salvation, and then seal it in the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Trice has earned several degrees covering the understanding and knowledge of Theology. He has earned a Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from the Midwest College of Theology in Crocker, MO. Pastor Trice is adamant to see the Body of Christ fulfill its purpose and destiny; particularly as it relates to being spiritually and financially empowered to the great advancement in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Trice is building up the Body of Christ through his daily radio broadcast and a powerful local television program. In addition to his many church obligations, Pastor Trice is passionately referred to as a father to many as he provides apostolic oversight to several churches and leaders through the newly founded fellowship: Anthony Trice Ministerial Network.

Pastor Trice has many accomplishments and successful entrepreneurship endeavors such as a state of the art day care center where children are being academically prepared to face the increasing demands of today's society and growing up with the knowledge of God to share the good news to future generations.

"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."

Jeremiah 3:15